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Bone Health and Fermented Cod Liver Oil

After much level headed discussion and a few reviews, Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FCLO) was found to counteract osteoporosis and also other bone and teeth issues. With elements of Vitamins D and K2, FCLO is a Grade-A bone rejuvenator. From the season of Dr. Cost to present day, FCLO has put forth over and over for science its extraordinary therapeutic esteem. The esteem it needs to bone wellbeing is no exemption.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D has been an outstanding giver to bone wellbeing. It has long demonstrated to fortify and safeguard bones and teeth. Unless an unreasonable measure of time is spent in the sun, it is almost difficult to hold the best possible measure of Vitamin D without supplemental helper. Regardless of the possibility that one is, per say, a lifeguard, he or she will then need to supplement Vitamin A to diminish any danger of inadequacy. FCLO gives sound measurements of both vitamins and also Omega 3 Oiland, with margarine oil, Vitamin K2.

The Dental Aspect Of Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 was found by Dr. Weston Price not only to prevent tooth decay, but also reverse it. With the study of skeletons, Price discovered that a missing nutrient (he called Activator X) lead to healthier teeth in the past. After several studies he found that mystery to be Vitamin K2., which is commonly found in butter oil. By mixing butter oil with cod liver oil, Price was able to show excellent progression in the preservation and revival of teeth.

The Bone Aspect of Vitamin K2

While Dr. Price studied Vitamin K2 he learned that the vitamin prevented rickets (weakening of the bones) while improving levels of calcium and phosphorus. The vitamin is also known to protect against osteoporosis, due to strengthening the mass and density of the bone.


Studies show that deficiencies in Vitamins D and K2 result in bone loss and inflammation that ruins teeth. This leaves people at higher risks for cavities, osteoporosis, and fractures (such as hip fractures). Vitamins are also found in sunlight, milk, cheese, butter, egg yolk, ground beef, and chicken breast, however FCLO is the only place to find these vitamins already well balanced for use.

FCLO vs. Modern Cod Liver Oils

In terms of quality, modern CLO is hardly a competition for FCLO. Fermented Cod Liver Oil is organically produced while modern CLO is heat processed, stripped during a portion of the process called deodorization, and synthetic vitamins are inserted into them. Fermented oils are derived from a more old-fashioned (even primitive) style of allowing the oil to rise to the top of fish fermenting in a bucket. This allows all of the FCLO to evade the deodorization process, with no need of the natural vitamins being replicated quite poorly.