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Colored Food Give You a Healthy Body

Sustenance additionally has shading, and for various shades of nourishment, its dietary advantages are not the same. Such six hued nourishments containing white, dark, red, yellow, purple and green can give you a solid body. Here, let us produce a gander at the results of these shaded sustenances, to see which shading is more appropriate for you.

First, it is white food. Despite the fact that it positions at the base in the general healthful esteem, it has interesting elements, for example, wax gourd, melon, bamboo shoots, broccoli, and lettuce etc. These sustenances give a subjective clean, and crisp feeling, frequently eating it can change the visual and passionate dependability. What’s more, it likewise has a considerable measure of the advantages on hypertension, and coronary illness.

Second, it is dark food. Kelp, dark rice and smooth dark nourishment is prevalent in Japanese eating table, looking for the reason, it is initially because of such sustenance has the accompanying focal points: one is that they are from nature, and contains couple of destructive fixings; the other is that it has finish wholesome substance, and with measure of top notch; third is that it can essentially diminish the likelihood of the atherosclerosis, coronary illness, stroke and different genuine ailments.

Third, it is red food. If you have weak constitutions since you are born, and are vulnerable to be invaded by a cold virus, reed food will help you to prevent the cold virus. As for some carrots with the color slightly lighter than the pepper, the containing carotene in the body can convert into vitamin A, and play the role of guard human epithelial tissue, such as the respiratory mucosa, to eat it can also enhance the ability of the body to resist cold.

Fourth, it is yellow food. Yellow fruits and vegetables contain carrots, soybeans, peanuts, apricots, etc. The advantage is rich in both vitamins: one is the A; and another one is D. The role of vitamin A can protect the gastrointestinal mucosa to prevent the occurrence of gastritis, ulcers and other diseases; and vitamin D can promote calcium absorption of phosphorus two kinds of mineral elements, and then strength bone, and has a certain preventive effect on rickets in children, juvenile myopia, and senile osteoporosis. These groups should eat more yellow foods.

Fifth, it is purple food. Dr. David Siberia by nearly 20 years of painstaking research found that, purple fruits and vegetables contain anthocyanins, and have powerful magic effect of the resistance to hardening of the arteries, which can prevent heart attacks and blood clot formation causing stroke. These foods are blackberries, cherries, eggplant, plums, grapes, black pepper, etc.

Sixth, it is green food. If you are a pregnant woman, in order to give birth to a healthy and intelligent child, you are sure to close the green fruits and vegetables. Because green fruits and vegetables are rich in folic acid, it can prevent fetal neural tube defects.